Sword Quest Role Playing

Sword Quest is designed to be a Diku based role playing environment similar to Armageddon. (e.g., a Role-Playing Intensive (RPI) environment.) Unfortunately, due to this thing called real life, it's development state is rather permanent, and will likely never be "open." The source code is available for public FTP from this page, in an as-is state. Generally, the code downloadable from this page is a fairly clean version, and should compile/run with no errors. There is currently no documentation for many of the features.

To assist you in determining whether you are interested in SQ code, feel free to read the help changes file.

Feel free to read the Runequest help entry which gives credit to Chaosium for permission to use their gaming engine.

Source code: Download SQ.oct.6.98.tar.gz
Source code: Download SQ.may.6.99.tar.gz
Source code: Download SQ.jan.2003.tar.gz
Source code: Download SQ.oct.27.2003.tar.gz
Source code: Download sqsrc_2006_may_26.tar.gz Not a complete distribution - source only. Placed here to release some memory fixes done a while ago for comparison.

Directory of historical names.
This release does not come with instructions. You are expected to know what you're doing, at least a little bit. You will need to create a few directories, and figure out how to approve your god character offline when you boot the game for the first time.